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When it comes to the world of taxes, preparation and planning go a LONG way. We have the expertise and knowledge you are looking for in a tax professional and can help you navigate your options.

We’re happy to help you with any of these services:

Tax Preparation

Stop missing out on potential deductions that could be saving you big money!

Tax Planning

Real strategies and solutions to help you minimize your IRS liability.

IRS AUDIT Representation

Don’t go it alone! We’re your ally and representative in an IRS audit.

Four Ways the IRS Reform Bill Helps Mayfield Heights Taxpayers Like You (and Me)

Believe it or not, 2019 is almost halfway over (!). We're through the summer solstice, the days get shorter from here on out, and here at Team Jeffrey A Campbell CPA we begin to turn our eyes more directly at 2020.We're pretty thrilled by the opportunity, because it...

Jeffrey Campbell’s 5 Quick Tips for Teaching Kids About Money

I've seen many parents in our offices these last few months, and we obviously go over tax returns, customized plans for saving more on taxes, as well as a variety of other strategies for handling their assets so that their children will, one day, be financially...

The Business Intelligence You Don’t Know That You Need For Your Mayfield Heights Company

You might think that was a typo in the subject line ("pull", right?). Nope, that's just me being clever, because today I'm talking about POLLING your various stakeholders for fun and profit.Alright, yes. I should clearly stick to financial matters, and leave the puns...

Key Tips For Mayfield Heights Newlyweds On Marriage and Taxes

Do you know what the number one month is for weddings? Check today's date and there it is: June.With that fact in mind, I'm not sure where you currently fall on the wedding spectrum...Are many of your friends getting married? Are your friends' kids getting married?...

Honest, friendly, and to the point.

"Honest, friendly, and to the point. All you need. Took the time to educate which is invaluable." -Ian W.

Announcing New Healthcare Tax Pro Book by Jeffrey A Campbell CPA

Guess What? Yours truly has now officially become a Published Author! In conjuction with a Healthcare Tax Pro Publishing Company, I have a brand new book, "Obamacare and the IRS Uncovered: What You Must Know About the Affordable Care Act Before Filing Your Tax Return"...

Jeffrey Campbell On Carving Away The Fear

I wrote this piece a couple months ago to my business clients and colleagues, whom I keep in touch with outside of these "Personal Strategy Notes", and I felt that as we turn the corner into March (and we're staving off the lions, hoping for lambs), it was something...

Jeffrey Campbell On How Having a Tax Strategy Wins Out

As I'm writing this, chances are good that we are headed towards yet another federal government shutdown of some sort, due to Congressional disagreement over a host of different funding and tax related items. (Forbes just bumped the probability from 67% to 75%.) And...

Considering Filing A Tax Extension In Mayfield Heights? Read This First.

Last week, I wrote all about those deadlines. <shiver> I know for a fact that the very word can strike pain and anxiety into the hearts of certain of my clients (who shall remain nameless). So, this week ... well, I'm going to give you the chance to exhale a...

Jeffrey Campbell’s Tax Extension Tips

Well, here we are. The personal filing deadline (April 18th) is *so* close. Yes, it's officially the final week of tax season -- and we are working our tails off for our clients! There's a lot of "business" in this note, so please make sure you read it all -- it could...

How You’re Missing Legal Tax Deductions

Here’s a certain truth: the State and Federal Government would love to have more of your hard-earned money in their accounts. Sure, even though it’s painful, none of us begrudge paying our legal and fair share of taxes.

But the problem is that regular taxpayers, like you, are missing out on legal and safe deductions, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds every year!