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I have utilized Jeff Campbell’s CPA Business for tax preparation and advice for well over 20 years. Jeff has provided solid tax advice and has done taxes for my business and many in my family. We value Jeff’s expertise and highly recommend his business for your tax planning and reporting. -J Helms

Jeff has provided solid tax advice

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Your business’ profitability and operational efficiency are at the center of your business’ success!

Our experience, resources, and attention to detail make our accounting services second-to-none. As an experienced accounting team, we look forward to the opportunity to help transform your business’ financials as we work with you to establish short- and long-term strategies for growth and profitability.

Working with us and enlisting our business services could make all the difference!

Whether you need help starting a business, cleaning up your bookkeeping, setting up QuickBooks, handling payroll, or you crave some much-needed business coaching or other strategic consulting, we have been doing this for years, and stay on top of all of the new regulations to help you take the most advantage possible. Legally, and ethically — and profitably.

We work with our clients in a relational way to help them experience the financial success they desire — whether the business is just an idea, relatively new, or a well-established entity. Whether small, large, or in need of some special attention, we have the experience you need so that you can focus on what your business does best.


What To Do With An Inheritance (Or A Large Refund): 5 Tips From Jeffrey Campbell

Even though all the news media are telling us how HARD things are out there, there are still regular people who are quietly but quickly moving forward with their financial goals. And, sometimes, they get a little help. (For instance, you know someone who is NOT...

2018 Tax Planning Strategies Questionnaire For Mayfield Heights Taxpayers

Wait, you thought I meant the holidays?Ha. As much as I love Andy Williams, what I REALLY mean is tax planning season. That is to say, year-end moves. :)And next week, I'll give you some generalized moves you can make that can affect your tax bill (in positive ways...

A Critical 2015 Tax Planning Checkup for Mayfield Heights Taxpayers

We're almost done with August (!), and the school season is already starting in many areas where we serve our clients. This summer has absolutely FLOWN by -- and those of us who pay attention to politics are all probably eagerly looking forward to being done with the...

Self-Protection Through Knowing How Long To Keep Tax Records, by Jeffrey Campbell

Many of our Northeast Ohio tax preparation clients have never received that dreadful notice from the IRS, initiating an audit -- or, much worse, the KNOCK on the door! If you never have, you probably don't keep much financial documentation. If you have, you are...

Jeffrey Campbell Uncovers A Case of Misplaced Trust

Now is around the time when things begin to really crank for us around here. It's the week which the IRS is opening up actual e-filing (as of Tuesday, the 20th), and many people have received all of their paperwork necessary for completing their returns. But there's...

Seven Free Tips For Identity Theft Protection For Mayfield Heights Individuals & Families

With the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey, the nation seems (once again) to be on edge, and the news channels are (once again) analyzing non-stop the ramifications of it all, what should have been done, what could be done, etc. Fear can run rampant within us...

Four Reasons Why Mayfield Heights Taxpayers Should File Taxes Early

As of this writing, the federal government is STILL in its partial shutdown.And 800,000+ people are affected -- including a whole slew of IRS workers who have been called in, regardless of paychecks, because come Trump or high water: tax filing will indeed begin on...

Campbell’s Five Commitments For MarriageAnd Money

I'm going to start off this blog post with asking for a small favor -- would you take a few moments and leave an honest review on Yelp or Google Maps about your experience with us? And obviously, if you have NOT yet used our services for preparing your taxes or...

Make the Switch to Jeffrey Campbell And You’ll Receive A Complimentary 2018 Tax Reform Planning Session

Well, apparently we have a new (massive) spending bill in place from Congress, and plenty of the usual suspects are up in arms. Us? We're too busy preparing tax returns right now to dig into the details of the (2,232 page!) bill, but here is a trustworthy rundown, if...

4 Last Minute Tax Savings Ideas For Mayfield Heights Taxpayers

I woke up Monday morning, after the wonderful holiday weekend ... and I had a realization: "After today, there are only FIVE days left in 2016." Perhaps not a genius realization -- fine. BUT, if you're smart about how you handle these days, you can pay yourself quite...

How You're Missing Legal Tax Deductions

Here’s a certain truth: the State and Federal Government would love to have more of your hard-earned money in their accounts. Sure, even though it’s painful, none of us begrudge paying our legal and fair share of taxes.
But the problem is that regular taxpayers, like you, are missing out on legal and safe deductions, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds every year!

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