Announcing New Healthcare Tax Pro Book by Jeffrey A Campbell CPA

Guess What?

Yours truly has now officially become a Published Author!

In conjuction with a Healthcare Tax Pro Publishing Company, I have a brand new book, “Obamacare and the IRS Uncovered: What You Must Know About the Affordable Care Act Before Filing Your Tax Return”

Because of Obamacare, the tax industry is in the beginning stages of a major transition. To prepare for these changes, I’ve focused my time and efforts with intensity and diligence to become a Healthcare Tax Expert.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has now changed how taxpayers will file their tax returns forever. My tax business is at the head of the curve, making sure I protect my tax clients from Uncle Sam and all new Healthcare regulations greatly impacting the tax code!

If you would like to reserve your copy, I’ve saved out a limited number of free copies for my clients. So email me right now while your thinking about it,, and I’ll set aside a book for you while supplies last. [retail $19.95]

For those reserving a free copy of my new book, you must come by my office and pick it up within 10 days.

Excited to Serve You This Tax Season!


Jeffrey Campbell
(440) 720-0959
Jeffrey A Campbell CPA


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